Yes, we offer an additional 10% discount on regularly priced wines when purchasing a case or more. This includes twelve 750ml or six 1.5 liter bottles.  The price on our regularly priced wines ends with a "9" while the price on our sale, or Net wines, will end with an "8" which denotes they are not eligible for further discount.  Sale or Net wines will count toward accumulating a case quantity with the 10% discount applied to only regularly priced wines purchased.  For example, if you were to purchase six 750ml bottles of sale or net wines and six 750ml bottles of regularly price wine, you'd receive 10% off the regularly priced wines.     

I'd like to order online and pick-up in the store. Where is the in store pick-up option on the order form?

 For pick-up at the store, you’ll need to place all the items you want in your shopping cart and then proceed to checkout.  After entering your billing information, you’ll be taken to the shipping page.  On the Shipping Information page, there is an “pick up” option.  See graphic below:

You can then select the store location as well as request a pick up date in the shipping instruction box.  We will confirm via email that we have all the product available and ready before charging your card.


On average, expect guests to drink 2 drinks, or servings, of an alcoholic beverage the first hour and one for each hour there after. Remember, people drink more when the weather is warm.

If you plan to serve bar drinks, you should allow 1½ ounces of liquor for each drink. That means you'll get about 16 drinks from one 750 ml bottle of liquor. Allow about a quart of mixer – soda water, tonic, water or ginger ale – for every 3 persons.

When serving wine, plan on one 750 ml bottle for every 2 guests (one bottle for every 3 to 4 guests if the wine will be served only during a meal). If you prefer to buy the large 1.5 L bottle of wine, it will serve 4 guests (6 to 8 guests if served only during a meal).

When ordering beer for a party, allow for about 12 ounces per guest for every half hour to hour. For a large crowd, you might want to buy a keg.

Always have some nonalcoholic beverages on hand. Besides having juices, have bottled water, lemonade, soda and/or iced tea.

If you're uncertain about how much to buy, you can return any unopened bottles of liquor or wine. If you entertain frequently, you may want to plan ahead and shop in quantity.


How many drinks are in a bottle?

Liquor / Cocktails (16 oz. each)

750 mL = 16

1 Liter = 22

1.75 L = 39

Wine / Champagne (5 oz. each)

750 mL = 5

1.5 L = 10

3L = 20

If you're still unsure of how much to buy, remember that you can return any unopened bottles of liquor or wine. If you entertain frequently, you may want to shop in bulk.

Other items to remember for your holiday party: ice, mixers, lemons, limes or other fruit, maraschino cherries, olives, cocktail sticks, napkins and extra glassware.

Does Yankee Spirits sell kegs?

Yes, but legal restrictions prevent us from selling kegs on the web so you’ll need to email us by clicking “contact us” or calling the store directly.  We always have a variety of kegs on hand and we can special order anything available with a minimum of 5 days advance notice. 

There are 3 standard keg sizes:

  1. ½ barrel (standard size); about 165 - 12oz servings. Almost all breweries offer this size keg but it’s limited by the selections they offer as draft.  
  2. ¼ barrel or Pony Keg; about 84 - 12oz servings (There aren’t many options available in this size. Mainly domestic premium brands such as Bud, Bud Light, Miller Lite or Coors Light and few smaller breweries including Berkshire Brewing Company and Founders.
  3. 1/6  barrel or Torpedo Keg; about 54 -12oz servings. Generally, it’s primarily craft brews that are available in this size.