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Arak Haddad Gold Label Liqueur 750ml
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Arak Haddad Gold Label Liqueur


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Category Liqueurs & Cordials
Origin Israel
Brand Arak Haddad
Alcohol/vol 50%
Arak distillation is an ancient art and is considered in many parts of the Middle East a traditional art. The technique has been passed on, from father to son for many generations as 600 years stretch of time. The basic method that all traditional ways of Arak Distillation meet at, is the still pot method, which is similar to Brandy and Whisky stills but of different shapes of pot and cover designs. Anise, alcohol and specially treated water are the basic ingredients. They boil in the still to a vapor that is collected externally by condensation into high degree of liquid Arak. The bulk is then brought down to bottling strength which is around 100 proof. After a period of aging, the Arak is filtered and bottled, to be consumed in a unique matter of adding water until the Arak in the glass is whitened and ice is added to it to make the best tasting drink. Served as an appetizer or with almost all kinds of food.

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