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Ransom WhipperSnapper Whiskey 750ml
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Ransom WhipperSnapper Whiskey


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Category Whiskey
Region United States, Oregon
Brand Ransom
Alcohol/vol 42%
All good things take time. So the saying goes. And this juvenile got off to a real slow start. We took out sweet time selecting premium ingredients, meticulously milling the grain, working and fermenting the mash, and most importantly, making well-considered, ruthless cuts at the condenser. Pot distillation is a slow, lengthy process, that when done properly and patiently can take 16 hours for one pass through the still. Rushing things usually leads to inaccuracy. On the other hand, critical decisions for making the right cuts need to be made within minutes, sometimes split seconds. This is likely where the wildness came from. Sometimes even the most well thought out of plans seem to develop a mind of their own. Anyway, we kept and collected only the very best fraction of distillate and lovingly placed it in oak to mature.

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