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Argala Pastis Artigianale 750ml
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Argala Pastis Artigianale


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Category Liqueurs & Cordials
Origin Italy
Brand Argala
Alcohol/vol 45%
Exceptional as aperitif, it is also very much appreciated as digestif, thanks to the complexity of its aromas and flavours. With its unique taste, in fact, our pastis succeeds in bringing together two relevant traditions of the Maritime Alps: homemade herbal liqueurs and anise based liqueur drunk at the pub. There are four main processing steps: infusion of herbs and spices in a cold alcohol bath, extraction of the alcoholate in pot stills, blending of the infusion with the alcoholate and a slow settling, without use of clarifying agents. Aromas and flavours of our pastis are the result of the exclusive use of premium alcohol combined with a mixture of selected plants and spices, mostly from organic farming. Plants grown in our valleys, hand-picked wild herbs from our mountains, exotic spices and cane sugar, from fair trade, make Argalà a successful combination of stories and flavours from around the world. We want our pastis to be the essence of our land, between the clear sky of the Alps and the sea of Marseille, where the mountains have never been a border but a bridge which linked up people. People who spoke the same language, played cards and bowls in the same way and used to order a drink with the same desire to quench their thirst: "Pastis!"

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