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Barbayanni Aphrodite Ouzo 750ml
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Barbayanni Aphrodite Ouzo


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Category Ouzo
Origin Greece
Brand Barbayanni
Alcohol/vol 48%
Unique scents and the incomparable classic Greek beauty blend to create the dry and mature taste of the Greek aperitif Aphrodite Ouzo. Ouzo APHRODITE was created in 1962, as an endeavour to unite the perfect taste and the sensation of the classic beauty of Greece. A glass bottle, shaped like the ancient goddess of beauty, contains the elegance of the timeless, the many years of experience and the passion of the Barbayannis family. The production of this rare Ouzo, with an alcohol content of 48% Vol., is conducted at the first - rate multiple fractional distillation facilities. The aperitif is produced from pure ingredients, aniseed and a number of the other sweet-smelling herbs and seeds. Its taste is dry and ripe, making the palate overflow with sensation.

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