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Firestone Walker Bretta Tangerine 375ml Bottle
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Firestone Walker Bretta Tangerine

375ml Bottle
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Category Sour Ale
Origin California, Central Coast, Paso Robles
Brand Firestone Walker
Alcohol/vol 4.9%
Berliner Weisse style wheat beer fermented with tangerines. Our region is blessed with an abundance and variety of fresh fruit. South of Barrelworks in the hills surrounding the hamlet of Ojai, there are groves of citrus - oranges, lemons, grapefruit and tangerines. We've been lucky to work with the Ojai native Friends Ranchers who specialize in tangerines. Friends offered the W. Murcott Tangerine which we zested for aroma, juiced for flavor, and then fermented with our base beer of Bretta Weisseto create a metamorphosis. Brought to life was Bretta Tangerine! A bountiful bouquet of citrus mingles with pronounced herbal notes, leading to funky, yeasty, citrus flavors. Soft cereal and oak aromas are enveloped by a firm acidity and tartness and punctuated by zesty tangerine. The finish is dry and crisp; a thoroughly enjoyable beverage. Santé!

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