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Bhakta 27-07 Brandy 750ml
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Bhakta 27-07 Brandy


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Category Brandy
Origin France
Brand Bhakta
Alcohol/vol 45%
Proof 90.00
From the global cellars of BHAKTA Spirits comes one of the most innovative, unique flavor combinations in the world of drink-a union of two ancient French distilling traditions conceived by spirits visionary Raj Peter Bhakta. BHAKTA 27-07 is a deeply aged blend of Calvados and Armagnac crafted for the whiskey lover's palate-with the BHAKTA Method's signature Islay finish adding smokiness and power. While the 27-07's intended age statement-7 years at its youngest, and 27 at its oldest-already placed it among the oldest spirits widely available today, its creation was the result of a blending mishap at Chateau BHAKTA in Condom, France, which almost cost our Cellar Master, Giles, his job. . . based on the vintages actually used in the blend, the true age of 27-07 is 18 at its youngest, and 49 at its oldest. Since "The Frenchman's Mistake" has robbed our cellar of some exceedingly old brandy, 27-07 will never be produced again-making it a legitimate collector's item. Tasting Notes: Deep amber-orange. A nose of apple, cinnamon, and floral notes. On the palate, pear, apple, nutmeg, and cinnamon. A finish of cigar peat, and mineral.

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