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Burgkopf Pineapple Beer 4 pack 500ml Can
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Burgkopf Pineapple Beer

4 pack 500ml Can
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Category Fruit Beer
Origin Lithuania, Florida
Brand Burgkopf
Alcohol/vol 5.5%
Reminiant of your favorite tropical cocktails, Burgkopf Pineapple Beer is a refreshing seltzery blast of fresh fruit flavors. The mild malt sweetness enhances the perception of freshly blended pineapple juice.Need a pop? Grab a pineapple! Straight from the can, it pours just like your favorite tropical cocktails and transports you on holiday. There, you're greeted by a burst of citrus soda and a wave of refreshing fruitiness, but quickly the pineapple takes the lead into a virtual samba of tropical flavor. The dry finish and mild sweetness ensure this is the perfect day drinker for your staycation. A nice seltzery spritz enhances the flavors and aromas, bringing all the best parts of pineapple right into your own home. Burgkopf Beer. Shape your escape.

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